“We came in one way and left completely different”, Evelyn Silva Costa summarized, speaker for the 2018/2019 Formare Group, at the graduation ceremony at Siemens in Jundiaí. 

She and 19 other young people received the certificate from the President of Siemens, André Clark, from the representative of the Siemens Foundation in Germany, Werner Busch, and from the mayor of Jundiaí, Luiz Fernando Arantes Machado, with the presence of family members and employees who acted as volunteers in the professional learning program, promoted seven years ago by the company. 

These young people from low-income families in the region were selected from 320 applicants and, over the course of ten months, took classes in Portuguese, math and English, among others, were trained in various areas of the company and graduated as administrative assistants, with recognition from MEC. 

By the end of the course, 15 of the 20 graduates had already been hired by Siemens, a record achievement rate, which encourages career and future plans among those who were, until now, in a situation of social vulnerability. “A strong community, which coexists and enriches together, begins with local actions. Sharing knowledge brings gains for both sides and, at the end of a cycle like this, we all feel fulfilled”, André Clark commented. 

Young people and family members talk about Formare’s impact on their lives

Formare is an opportunity for initial training for the world of work, but it ends up going much further, giving social integration, self-esteem, maturity and a sense of responsibility to the young participants. 

Some of the 2018/1019 graduates, and the mother of one of them, gave testimonials about the experience in the project, which is coordinated by the Siemens Foundation.

“No matter who I am, no matter where I came from, I can achieve”

“I heard about Formare from my uncle, who works at Siemens. I took the test at the last minute, but with all my will and determination, because since I was a child I would go with him to the Open House, I thought it was sensational and always wanted to work at Siemens. 

Formare was a reality check and gave me ideas of what I could do with my life. During the project, I learned a lot and met many people, it was a heavy load. The company opens a door for young people that transforms lives. So, I say that I came in one way and left another, completely different. Here, I learned that no matter who I am, no matter where I came from, I can achieve above and beyond. It was nothing how we thought it would be. 

When I started Formare, I was very quiet, I kept all my ideas to myself. Now I want to start putting my projects into practice. I never really wanted to go to college, I only wanted to do it for my grandparents and my parents. Now, I am studying Systems Analysis and Development, something that I really love and intend to work with in the future.” Andressa Vizoto Silva, 18 years old

“A lot of things that I didn´t learn in school, I learned here”

“I heard about Formare at Siemens in a Whatsapp group. At the beginning, I didn´t have a lot of expectations. First I did the essay, which I did well on, then there was the group dynamics which I didn´t think I passed. Finally, there was the home visit. It had been five years since I finished school, I was working, but I was never a registered worker, I didn´t really have much perspective. Now I have my first registered job, I had never worked at a multinational company before. I entered this totally different world and everyone said to me, ‘Wow, it’s a wonderful company, try to stay there’. I would say, ‘I will try really hard to’. There was a time when I had to take some time off and everyone helped me out during that time. A lot of things that I didn´t learn in school, I learned here. I met a lot of people and it opened doors. I was hired on September 9, I joined the assistance area, I like to talk to people and that’s what I do. I am grateful for everything that happened, for all the moments, they were difficult, I even thought about giving up, but everything was a learning experience. I hope that others get the same opportunity we did.” Josiane Pedro dos Santos Lemos, 21 years old

“Formare teaches us to be a better person” 

“The first time I heard about Formare, I didn’t really know what it was. I thought I would take a class somewhere else and put it into practice at Siemens, but the coordinator explained that it would be an immersion at the company. This was very good in order to exchange experiences, as time went by we became involved with the people in the areas.

Graduation time came and we had a different mentality, a new way of thinking. We all evolved so much, because Formare doesn’t just ask for results, it teaches you to be a better person both professionally and personally. We are very grateful for everything, for each volunteer, the coordination and to Siemens for this opportunity.

I got a job in projects. My expectation is to be able to learn even more. The people in the area encourage me, they say they don’t want me to stay at this level, they want me to evolve more and more every day. They say that they chose me because they believe in me. I am grateful for that trust and I will do everything to grow here.” Micheli Gonçalves dos Santos, 19 years old

“Now I think about the future, before I used to just go with the flow” 

“A friend at school told me about Formare, but I finished high school and started working. Two years passed and I heard about Formare again, I decided to sign up this time. I didn’t know I was going to learn so much, I had an occupational safety class, quality class, even math and Portuguese. 

I became a class representative and it helped me get more responsibility and figure out what I want. Thanks to Formare, now I think about the future. Before I used to just go with the flow, now I think about having a career plan. I want to work in logistics, which is the area I’m working in now, and this will help me grow at the company, which is my goal.” Gabriel Souza Silva, 20 years old

“I started going to college thanks to Formare” 

“I competed with hundreds of other young people and passed. It was a cool experience, I was able to learn a lot, I worked in the turbine factory, I learned about the area´s day-to-day activities. I started studying electrical engineering thanks to Siemens. I was unable to pay before, but with Formare’s salary I was able to pay. I was able to learn a lot from the professionals, they proposed experiences that they knew we would face in life, in addition to learning the basics of Excel, we experienced situations in logistics and administration, which we had not even dreamt of. I think that the English classes were also very good for everyone who participated. It was a very rewarding experience, which changed my horizon, I got an opportunity, today I am an engineering intern in after sales. This has brought many changes to my life, I am a more dedicated college student and more focused on my goals.” Gabriel Trabuco de Araujo Santos, 19 years old

“Formare provides opportunities that young people who are starting out do not have”

“It was a great joy for me to accompany my son during his time at Formare, being inside a company contributed a lot to his growth and responsibility. Formare opened doors, provided knowledge that young people who are starting out do not have the opportunity to acquire, and showed him what the world of work is like. 

I am very proud of his commitment, for him having done his best. 

My son was very close to not only the teachers but the managers as well and this taught him things that cannot be taught at home. This experience with other people brings maturity, new responsibilities. We can see a change in his concept of what it means to work at a company.” Roseli Trabuco de Araujo de Santos, Gabriel Trabuco´s mother, primary school teacher