Maintained by Siemens Group companies in Brazil, the former Fundação Peter von Siemens – name given in honor of the Foundation’s founder – was created on September 25, 1986.

Fundação Siemens resulted from the need to contribute to local development, particularly in communities where the company does business, based on the understanding that in being an integral part of society, we also responsible for its situation and, at the same time, we are transformation agents.

Throughout 2012 and 2013, Fundação Siemens was restructured and now its focus is even more strategically aligned with Siemens’ values, thus allowing for the creation of shared value. The focus of its work centers on Local Education and Development through Basic Technologies.

In 2004, Fundação Siemens received the title of Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP in Portuguese), which allowed expanding the entity’s activities. As of 2012, it was officially named Fundação Siemens Brazil, being more popularly known simply as Fundação Siemens.


We believe that technological innovation walks hand-in-hand with social innovation, therefore, Science and Technology for education plays a key role in our work. 

Our vision is to be recognized as a social transformation agent in Brazil.


To achieve our mission, we count on a network of committed partners from various areas of society and specific domains with whom we share the common objective of social change.


Fundação Siemens Brazil renders accounts annually to the Public Ministry through the Registration and Accountability System (SICAP), as well as to the Ministry of Justice, through the National Register of Public Utility Entities (CNE) and the Municipal Social Welfare Council of Jundiaí.

Global Alliance of Siemens Foundations

The Global Alliance of Siemens Foundations is based on Responsible Corporate Governance and Siemens’ Values. The alliance shares the common objective of empowering and involving people to shape their own lives and contribute to social development. 

The foundations possess an integrated approach for obtaining synergies in their educational, social and cultural initiatives, both local and internationally. At present, Siemens has seven independent Corporate Foundations that cooperate jointly in projects, being located in Argentina, Brazil, France, Colombia, Denmark, Germany and United States. 

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How to Help

Donate Money

As an individual, you can help Fundação Siemens by being a donator. Fundação Siemens believes that social innovation and education are everyone’s responsibility: government, society, NGOs and companies. Donating to Fundação Siemens helps ensure a better future for all of society.