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The Formare Project is an apprentice program that develops, through volunteering action, the potentiality of youngsters from families in a social vulnerable situation who live near Siemens. Conceived in 1988 by Fundação Iochpe, Formare works under a partnership model with companies to implement professional education courses for youngsters between the ages of 18 and 21.

Inaugurated in 2012, the first Formare school of Siemens Fundação is inside of Siemens industrial complex in Jundiai city (SP). The courses offered make students capable for administrative and technical area, preparing them to labor market and contributing to prepare professionals with high performance. The classes count on weekly content and for each class, a Volunteer team is created – Siemens workers that shared their knowledge, focused in develop their apprentices in capabilities for labor and for life. The class environment has all a school structure and the seek for applyment increase each year, showing that the success of this program is result of students’ dedication and its volunteers that, together, make a team that works hard to Brazil’s future.