Siemens Foundation Global Alliance meets in California to exchange experiences

In September, the Annual Meeting of the Siemens Foundation Global Alliance took place in California (USA), a time of year where the seven foundations that operate in different parts of the world and work independently connect and ensure their purposes are aligned. “The purpose of the meeting is to share good practices, learn from different points of view, compare perspectives and discuss challenges and opportunities”, Bianca Talassi Moreira explains, executive secretary of the Siemens Foundation, who represented the Brazilian institution at the meeting. 

The speakers at this edition of the event were prominent figures from the Silicon Valley, a region that exudes an innovative and visionary context. Thus, the meeting promoted a program focused on the ways in which technology influences corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, NGOs and other participants in civil society. “James Higa, for example, was very provoking in his presentation, questioning the status quo, which has everything to do with the program Experimento” Bianca commented. Among the tips to bring about these transformations, Steve Jobs’ former adviser suggested that we act quickly, break barriers and understand that failure is a great possibility.

In addition to Brazil and the United States, Argentina, France, Colombia, Denmark and Germany also participated in the event.

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