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The 3rd International STEAM Education Meeting – Fundação Siemens Brasil

International Education Meeting debates the importance of Experimento and the Common National Core Curriculum “Our life is a big box of experiments”, summarized a teacher from the public school network in Jundiaí, in a very precise way, which is teaching, during the 3rd International STEAM Education Meeting.

The event, held in the city of São Paulo in September, was an opportunity to exchange experiences between teachers, directors and pedagogical coordinators who already apply the program Experimento in their classroom or who wanted to learn more about the practical science, technology, engineering and math teaching method (learn more here).

Thus, they had the chance to hear Werner Busch, the main contact between the Siemens Foundation and Siemens Stiftung, the German foundation that created Experimento, and to attend a talk by Alice Ribeiro, executive secretary of the Movement for the Common National Core Curriculum, who spoke about the path to implement this essential standardization of Brazilian education.

Werner Busch commented, among other things, that Experimento is undergoing adaptations to accompany the constantly changing world and that seeing schools like these in Jundiaí, which created their own experiences from local problems, is the true spirit of the program, which is present in 83 cities in Brazil today.

He further commented that, wherever he goes, children’s enthusiasm and
teachers’ questions about this innovative way of learning and teaching are the same all over the world. “Adopting the program is a one-way street, since you have a broader perspective of things and an open mind in relation to your surroundings, there is no going back, it is only success”, he analyzed.