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Projeto Formare_eng – Fundação Siemens Brasil


Formare in numbers

Every year, we bring together a group of young people from the communities in our surroundings to fill their educational gap and train them for the job market. It has been like this since 2012, when, in partnership with Fundação Iochpe, we started promoting the Formare project. At the end of the course, students receive certification with recognition from the Brazilian Ministry of Education, and leave with real chances of employment or internships at Siemens and other companies.

Providing professional education to low-income young people in vulnerable situations is an inspiring strategy for social change and corporate citizenship. In addition to professional development, the theoretical classes and practice in various areas at Siemens allow them to develop a sense of responsibility, self-esteem and perspective for the future.

Accomplishment of this mission involves employees who are volunteers from Siemens, through the Volunteering Program, who engage and dedicate themselves to the purpose of providing means and creating opportunities for these young people to
transform their own destiny.