Transparency and Governance

We consider good governance practices and transparency to be crucial for increasing the effectiveness of our operations. We are committed to informing the general public about our structure, our activities and the sources of funds and resources. In terms of
our partners, integrity and transparency in our activities are also a priority.

Relatório Institucional 2021/2022


The Siemens Foundation is accountable for its activities through its Report on Activities and its Financial Statements, both published annually. Access our Report on Activities and learn more about our programs and results achieved.

Policies and Standards

Policies and standards are followed in all our partnerships and we are continually improving our set of normative documents.

The Siemens Foundation Bylaws

The Siemens Foundation is governed by bylaws, and according to the established rules, is managed by two Boards, the Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee.

Board of Trustees

It is the highest deliberative and governing body, which sets guidelines and general rules for the organization, operation and administration of the Foundation.

Siemens Brazil Foundation Board of Trustees

President of the Board of Trustees
Pablo Fava

Adriana Belon Boscolo
André Clark Juliano
Armando Corrêa Lopes Junior
Caroline Zilinski
Henrique Paiva
Luis Felipe Gatto Mosquera
Marcela Coelho e Mello Souza
Marco Pardini
Sylmara Piedade Requena
Wagner José Lotito

Finance Committee

It is the supervisory body that oversees the economic and financial management of the Foundation.

Siemens Brazil Foundation Finance Committee

Glauco Macedo Polo
Ivan Garcia Xavier Ferreira
Marisilvia da Gloria Simões Mattedi

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