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Volunteering Program

Siemens Volunteering

Siemens Volunteering in numbers (2017)

Contributing to the emancipation and transformation of the reality of families that live near Siemens, by improving education, is the purpose of the Volunteering Program, which has our support in coordinating and making actions and projects feasible.

It is a democratic and participatory program, composed of collaborators who wish to participate, for those who need it. Any company employee can get involved, all they have to do is share their talents and dedicate their time to initiatives such as collecting books, teaching free English classes, assembling libraries, gender equality workshops, career mentoring for young people, among other various possibilities.

In addition to collaborators, the community formed by the company’s retirees, family members of employees, third parties and group companies can also participate, registration can be done on the online platform.

In this same digital environment, it is possible to create a project, become a leader or contribute to actions developed by other volunteers or by the Foundation. Among the criteria for project approval is alignment with Siemens' values and the theme of education.

Come and join our corporate citizenship network, to contribute to a more just and equal society.

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