The Foundation

Inspiring the inventors of the future

We at the Siemens Foundation understand that the social, cultural and economic development of individuals and nations depends, above all, on quality education that is inclusive and fair.

For this reason, for over 30 years, we have been committed to contributing to the improvement of the educational scenario in Brazil, through initiatives that promote access to knowledge, stimulate interest in science, encourage the use of innovative basic  technologies and cause a positive social impact on the lives of thousands of students and teachers.

Our purpose is to inspire the inventors of the future, who will be the leaders of the transformative and valuable scientific and technological discoveries of tomorrow.

Our history

Together for sustainable development

Our mission is to act as an agent of social transformation, supporting Brazil in the challenges related to the dissemination of quality education, in accordance with the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) plan, created to promote significant changes in the world by 2030.

We are a global alliance

There are currently seven independent Siemens foundations around the world, located in Brazil, Argentina, France, Colombia, Denmark, Germany and the United States. The institutions work locally and collaborate mutually, across borders, through the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

In addition, in Brazil, we have partners from different sectors who share our values and objectives and contribute to the achievement and dissemination of educational programs.

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