Fundação Siemens Brasil

Our history
Committed to improving education in Brazil.
Our history
Committed to improving education in Brazil.

We at Fundação Siemens believe that the social, cultural and economic development of individuals and nations depends, above all, on good-quality inclusive and equitable education.

As such, for more than 30 years, we have committed to help improve education in Brazil through initiatives that promote access to knowledge, stimulate an interest in science, foster the use of innovative basic technologies and cause a positive social impact on the lives of thousands of students and teachers.

Our purpose is to awaken the inventors of the future that will be protagonists of the transformational and valuable scientific and technological discoveries of tomorrow.

Fundação Siemens is maintained by Siemens Group companies (Siemens Infraestrutura e Indústria, Siemens Mobility, Siemens Healthineers e Innomotics) and Siemens Energy Brazil.


Fundação Peter Von Siemens is created on September 25th in Brazil


The foundation is named a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP)


New identity: Fundação Siemens

Global Alliance of Siemens Foundations

There are currently seven independent Siemens foundations worldwide: Brazil, Argentina, France, Colombia, Denmark, United States and the international Siemens Stiftung in Germany. The foundations collaborate with each other across borders by exchanging experiences and knowledge to create greater impact for sustainable social development.


Be recognized for promoting social technology to help advance education in Brazil.


The pillars of a company are the core principles, values and focus areas that support and guide the operations, culture and growth of the organization. They play a key role in defining the company’s identity and how it positions itself in the market and interacts with stakeholders. These pillars are the foundation on which Fundação Siemens relies on to make strategic decisions, shape its internal and external policies and define guidelines for its employees.

STEAM Education

Health Education

Productive Inclusion